Fashion and personal stylist

Hello, my name is Valida

I am an aknowledged and certified personal and fashion stylist. I have gained knowings and experience learning from professionals, whose know how is based on an over 20 years work and practice in the fashion and style area. I live in France. I welcome you personally in Europe and online in the whole world.

According to my first studies and personal skills, I am a psychologist. I consider it to be my virtue. As a personal stylist, I reckon the true needs of the customer, his strengths – that one might undervalue, weaknesses – that could be turned into verdure. I do not only dress a person, I do change one’s self-perception. You can call it fashion-therapy if you like.

I tactfully feel the atmosphere of the brand and it’s auditorium. I speak the language of the style, giving the necessary sense and emotion when creating the best practice for the fashion shot. For me, this is a whole great story, which I tell using flowers, facts and forms.

Fashion – my love deep in my heart. Each project or customer – this is not a simply job for me, but the fulfilment of my thorough potential. There is soul in my undertaking, that’s why I fulfill it especially good.

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Offline – France, Milan

Online – worldwide